Ryan Snider

Creative Producer, CTV Kitchener

Solving Creative Problems Through Animation

Every communications professional has run into a situation where a client or their organization needs to get a message out, but there isn’t a clear answer as to how best to present it. It can be a case where the message is challenging to visualize and explain, or a case where there is little to no material available to convey it.

In this session we will assess 2-3 examples, identify the problem that occurred, and how clever use of animation came to the rescue to solve these seemingly insurmountable challenges. We will cover the issues and the solutions implemented, as well as showcase some of the tools and techniques used to accomplish the end results.


Ryan Snider is a Creative Producer at CTV Kitchener and has been working in animation and video production for over 15 years. His greatest joy is teaching animation and the limitless creative opportunities it can unlock. Ryan has spoken at various industry events such as: After Effect User Group, Cinema 4D Toronto Meet Up, the Media Producer Group of Ontario, and Zoom Career Days.

In December of 2017, Ryan had his first animation article published in 3D World Magazine, the bestselling magazine for 3D artist. He is also slowly, but surely, chipping away at creating his own education animation website at www.tanglewire.tv.