Quinn Silbermann

Communications & Brand Manager, Financial Horizons Group

Communities need Communicators

As communications professionals, we are invaluable to our communities for our capacity for social good. We craft messages, spread the word, and get people talking – and we do this better than anyone else. For most of us, it’s what we get paid to do. 

But our reach must extend beyond the workplace. We must lend a skilled hand to our communities and the causes dear to our hearts.

In this session I will present some popular communications campaigns and what we can learn from their success (think Bell Let’s Talk or even, yes, Kony 2012). I will also speak to my own success in supporting mental health initiatives and in particular, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). In recent years I have organized charity soccer tournaments for the CMHA and have helped guide their national Ride Don’t Hide event. Throughout the session, I will discuss how communications professionals can make a real difference, as well as the personal and societal benefits of doing so.


Born and raised in Waterloo Region, Quinn Silbermann is a writer through and through. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Honours English: Rhetoric & Professional Writing and a Digital Media Studies Specialization. Since graduation, he has been establishing himself as a subject matter expert and resident wordsmith in his role as Communications & Brand Manager, at a Kitchener-based financial services company. He is also a published poet and dedicated mental health advocate who has run grassroots charity events.