Priya Ramji

Founder of Six Sense

Emotional Intelligence: The Politics of Punctuation

This session will discuss emotional intelligence and how it pertains to modern written communications.

Millennials communicate with entirely different standards and expectations than more senior generations; they do so in all forms of digital written word (email, text, social media posts), especially in a business context. This has caused both a shift and a gap in intergenerational business communications and is a topic that is at the root of interpersonal misunderstandings in the workplace and between businesses.

I will be providing examples of these differences in communication styles, discussing how they may be interpreted differently depending on the generation at the receiving end, and the possible consequences of misinterpretation.

In the end, I’ll discuss why emotional intelligence can help you anticipate these perceptions and avoid pitfalls in business communications.


Priya Ramji is an emotional intelligence subject matter expert, particularly when it pertains to millennials and Gen Z. She received her HBA from Ivey Business School and built a career in the media & entertainment industries, working for companies including Apple and Corus Entertainment. She recently headed up the international customer success team for Universe, a division of Live Nation Entertainment, in London UK before deciding to move home in 2018 to pursue her new venture. Six Sense is a niche communications consultancy which focuses on bringing soft skills and emotional intelligence awareness to millennial business leadership.