Failing to Succeed: How to Take Creative Risks and Supercharge Your Career

Paula Barrett

Professor and Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Public Relations at Conestoga College

Failing to succeed: How to take creative risks to supercharge your career

Communications professionals are masterful at risk management. After all, it’s our job to protect the reputation and brand. But is it possible that your evolutionary wiring against risk is causing your creativity and career to stagnate? From childhood, we’re rewarded for taking the safe route. Look both ways, be careful, don’t touch. And, with risk comes failure, the F word we fear the most. In this dynamic workshop we’ll explore risk’s tremendous upside as well as the hidden risk – for your career satisfaction and results – of maintaining the status quo. Whether you’re looking to become more of an intrapreneur within your organization, or seeking new creative challenges, this session will have you questioning your comfort zone to supercharge your performance and your passion.


Paula Barrett is a 25+ year member of IABC, an experienced senior PR practitioner and has taught public relations at Conestoga College for 15 years. She was awarded the college’s Employee Innovation Award and has been labelled a “Disruptor” by senior college management (she assumes but can’t confirm this was a compliment). The Break Through conference was one of Paula’s creative risks four years ago as IABC Waterloo Chapter President.