Patty Attwell

Manager of Marketing Communications, Honeywell Aerospace

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: How To Keep Your People, Your Value And Your Sanity During Mergers, Acquisitions And Major Change.

 This strategy session will cover both aha moments and what to avoid as a change communicator, including:

  • There’s no crying in acquisitions: how to support and keep employees in turbulent times.
  • The parent company blues: the question of loyalty and why it is both good and bad.
  • This is not Game of Thrones: what I’ve learned to survive leadership change and politics.
  • Truth or consequence: fighting for transparency and truth in change management.
  • Sign of the times: when and how to put your brand to pasture with dignity.


Patty Attwell seems to have a talent for picking companies on the brink of major change. She has been lead communicator for two large and long-standing Canadian companies as they were acquired. As Director of PR for M&M Meat Shops, she was front and centre during two years of the company being actively for sale and one of the last executives to leave when the new ownership began restructuring. Patty then joined leading Canadian space company COM DEV to undertake a full global brand refresh. Within a year, COM DEV was purchased by Honeywell, a US Fortune 100 company. After steering their integration communications for the first year, she was given management of the global Honeywell Space marketing portfolio. Patty has seen a lot of change in the business and has been one of the people setting the tone around her office as they develop a new normal.