Naheed Somji

Social Media Specialist, Economical | Marketing Instructor, Conestoga College

The State of Social Media for Communicators in 2019

Communicators have to understand more platforms than ever to be successful, including social media, which is often underutilized. This isn’t because of a lack of desire, but due to the perceived complexity of the networks. Before you get asked to “tweet that news release” or “Instagram an announcement”, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the state of social media (so you can do it the right way).

In this session, participants will:

  • Explore the Five Pillars of Twitter
  • Learn how to hack the Facebook algorithm
  • Discover how LinkedIn can change your content strategy
  • And see how video is the future of comms and social


As a recognized public speaker, professor, and social media expert, Naheed Somji brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table. Having both agency and corporate experience, he helps complex brands connect with their target audiences on social media.

Currently, Naheed leads the social media program at one of Canada’s largest P&C insurers, teaches at Conestoga College, and runs his own digital marketing consultancy.