Naheed Somji

Senior Specialist, Social Media, Corporate Marketing, Economical Insurance

Unleashing the Power of Facebook Advertising

Here’s the truth: Facebook makes it easy to spend money on their platform, but not every ad will be successful. This session will equip those working with Facebook Ads with seven expert tips to create campaigns and build advertising strategies. Learn how to ‘game the system’ and reach your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. Those who haven’t yet made the leap into social advertising will be given the confidence and tangible skills they need.


As an award-winning social media marketer, Naheed Somji brings a wealth of marketing experience to the table. Having both agency and corporate experience, he helps complex B2B brands connect with their target audiences on social media, in the agriculture, financial services, telecom, forensics, and insurance industries.

Naheed shares his experience with the next generation of social media marketers as an Instructor in the Social Media Marketing Program at Conestoga College, where he teaches the theory and application of digital marketing strategies.