Case Study: When Construction Builds Community

Megan Fontaine

Manager, Public Engagement (Construction and Transportation), City of London

When Construction Builds Community

Learn how community relations and crafting a deeper narrative can transform construction projects into meaningful experiences that bring people together. Over the course of one year, the City of London removed, rehabilitated and returned a 143-year-old superstructure to the core of the city. For residents, it meant losing a vital connection to the downtown, and for some, a fear that their beloved Blackfriars Bridge may never return. Learn how the City of London kept the community connected & helped them reclaim ownership of the project using a combination of unique media encounters, storytelling strategies and special events. Plus, learn how the Blackfriars Bridge project has influenced new event management practices and inspired new blogging & business relations strategies during the construction of London’s first flex street.


Megan is a graduate of Humber College’s Public Relations Program who has a background in agriculture communications, digital marketing and brand development. While she has worked on the agency side, for the past two years, she has been with the City of London, developing programs that not only inform Londoners about upcoming construction, but that engage the community throughout the process. From flex streets to road closures, special events and unexpected delays, her sole focus is on ensuring people have the information they need not only to navigate a construction project, but to understand and even celebrate it.