Maliha Aqeel

Assistant Director, EY

Marketing to employees like they were your customers

Do you consider yourself an employee or a consumer? Do you have to pick one? Why can’t you be both? In corporate communications, we have a tendency to place our target audiences into distinct categories and then communicate accordingly. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that approach, it isn’t necessarily effective as generations in the workplace transition from Boomers to Millennials and now to Generation Z. The way each generation expects to be communicated to – or with – is different.

To engage and inspire their people, communication professionals should look at marketing strategies designed to engage customers and consider how they could be applied to workplace communications. In the end, are we not all customers too?

In this session, audience will learn:

  • What techniques from external communication and marketing strategies can be adapted to internal communications
  • Understanding employees by applying a customer research methodology
  • Case study of a Gold Quill winning internal campaign that used digital marketing to drive employee engagement


Maliha Aqeel is an award-winning, senior communicator with over 15 years of progressive experience in strategic communication. She is currently an assistant director at EY, responsible for thought leadership and integrated communication programs. She is the immediate Past President of IABC/Toronto. Prior to joining EY, she headed communications for the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Her accomplishments include developing a new ICD brand and revamping ICD’s Director Journal magazine, which earned IABC Gold Quill awards of merit and IABC Canada Silver Leaf awards of excellence. She also led EY’s Tax Canada Bot-a-thon campaign, which won several awards in internal communication and employee engagement including a Gold Quill “Best of the Best” award, which represents the very best entries seen from around the globe.