Expecting the Worst: The Power of Effective Crisis Communications

Laura Silver

CEO & Founder, Blue Door Communications

Expecting the Worst: The Power of Effective Crisis Communications

In nearly 95% of all crisis communications cases, the business in question never sees the issues coming. How they respond within the first 24-hours can be the defining element between an issue escalating or de-escalating and going viral. At Blue Door, we see this every day – from dissatisfied employees, to insensitive social media posts, assault allegations and more, we help our clients manage some of the most difficult moments of their careers, and come out on top. If we do our job right, many of these situations never make it past the first 24-hours, and you probably don’t even know they happened. In this presentation, Laura Silver will review her 10-year career as a crisis communications specialist, her roadmap for crafting strong crisis communications strategies on the fly, how to communicate with everyone from employees to media, and how Blue Door helped some of our most notable clients come out on top.


At Blue Door, Laura directs the big picture and focuses on public relations strategies for the firm’s various accounts. With more than a decade of experience in public relations and public affairs, Laura has worked with clients across various sectors including healthcare, technology, finance and transportation. Specializing in media relations and crisis communications, Laura has created Blue Door as a niche hospitality firm representing some of Toronto’s top restaurants, bars, hotels and spas. Laura graduated from Western University with a Double Honours Degree in Sociology and Psychology. Prior to founding Blue Door, Laura was a Senior Associate at Sussex Strategy Group, leading that firm’s robust communications team.