Kendra Ross

VP of Marketing, Oak & Rumble

Trends in Video Marketing

Five things you know, five things you didn’t, and a couple predictions thrown in for good measure. We’ll talk about attribution modelling, virtual reality, and shifting consumption patterns. Learn how everyone from Toronto enterprises to family shops in the Maritimes are using video to cut through the clutter and tell their stories at scale.


My family spends a lot of time sitting around our kitchen table arguing. *Cough* I mean, discussing. We talk about anything and everything, challenging our ideas and each other’s perspectives. Growing up this way, I learned two important things. First, clarify your point before someone does it for you. And second, nothing’s more persuasive than a story.

As the VP of Marketing at Oak & Rumble, I work on video marketing strategy and write lots of scripts. But the most important part of my job is helping businesses find the stories that will resonate most with their audience, and compel action.

Technology is changing how we go to market. What’s only gotten more important is the experience we create through the stories we tell.