Jennifer Vandermolen

Marketing Manager, Nova Metrix LLC

The Truth About Transparency

Internal corporate crisis’ can play havoc on external perception of your brand; delayed product releases, bungled product launches, and brand decline all negatively affect client loyalty and sales. Turn your corporate crisis into a breakthrough with transparency and integrity.

Whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 organization or marketing a niche product, the same principles apply. I will share how I developed and continue to use a complex product brand issue to successfully connect with our clients, get priceless customer feedback while providing client validation, and directly affect future sales by empowering industry leaders to become YOUR brand champions. In this session I will share how we turned a complex and threatening brand challenge into a successful campaign.


I enjoyed 18+ years in broadcast television from live sports operations, to national newsroom producing, to the heart of live TV as a production manager. With my young family in tow, I leapfrogged into Marketing Communications and have never looked back. I’m a communications and marketing professional with a demonstrated and diverse background in digital media, content creation, long-range strategy and implementation, and project management. My marketing & communications projects incorporate story-telling formulas through video and image production, print & digital graphic design, media relations, high-level project management, and website maintenance and content development.