Dominique O'Rourke

President of Accolade Communications

Declining Trust in Organizations: What Every Communicator Needs To Know    

No organization can afford to lose trust. Yet, the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer declared a global trust crisis; finding that trust in government, business, media, non-governmental organizations and corporate leadership is declining and at a record low. It’s time for a trust breakthrough.

How will you advise senior leaders on this fundamental issue? How can you meet business objectives in this climate? Do your communications build or erode trust? 

This interactive session goes beyond the interpersonal trust-building strategies you’ve already heard. Help your organization build trust internally and externally by exploring:

  • The state of trust in Canada and globally
  • The cost of distrust for your organization
  • Building trust
  • The communicator’s role in building trust
  • Gaps in your organization and strategies to address them
  • Biography

    Dominique O’Rourke is the Founder and President of Accolade Communications. With almost 20 years experience under her belt, her passion is tackling complex organizational problems from PR, regulatory or media issues to aligning internal orientation and effort.

    Dominique played a key role in what Canada AM called “the Exxon Valdez of privacy” turning it into a corporate success story and helped pass legislation minutes before the 2006 minority government prorogued.

    Teacher, communicator, consultant, trust researcher and local IABC member; Dominique’s passion for the power of communications in organizations and in society continues to grow in the face of global challenges.