David Bradfield

Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Economical Insurance

Closing Keynote: Building A Participatory Communication Culture

Gone are the days of strictly top-down communication. In the digital era, amazing stories can emerge from throughout an organization and beyond. People can easily build their own voice, but do they sing in unison with the corporate narrative? Are they empowered to participate? Do they know how?

In this session, David Bradfield, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Economical Insurance,  will explore how the 146-year old company evolved from a culture versed in command and control leadership into one that embraces the power of conversation and participatory engagement. Change is omni-present at Economical, a company that is rewriting the way it does business and marching towards an IPO (initial public offering) in the not-so-distant future.

With a 25-year career spanning Communication roles in both consulting and corporate environments, David will share tips on how to:

  • Build client and stakeholder confidence in communication
  • Embrace and empower stories of the community internal and external while creating a united corporate voice
  • Enhance the strategic value of the communication function
  • Measure impact through behavioural and business outcomes

A participatory communication culture helps connect the Communication function across the enterprise, building support from the top down and the bottom up. It helps brands break through competitive clutter, and weave PR and advocacy styles to craft a genuine voice.


David Bradfield thrives on change and innovation. As Vice-president, Marketing and Communication at Economical Insurance, he directs the corporate narrative and inspires his team to find and produce great stories in creative ways.

Before joining Economical in 2015, David built a 20+ year career with leading agencies in Toronto and New York, consulting on emerging communication opportunities around the world. David holds a BA in Communication (WLU) and a post-graduate PR certificate (Humber College).

David was active with IABC/Toronto from 1994-2001, serving as chapter president in 2000-01, and being an active thought leader at chapter, regional, and global levels.