The Leader Within

Cathy Bouwers

Communications Manager, CSMLS

The Leader Within

Leadership does not require a job title or formal authority. In this presentation learn how to lead right from where you are and how to have that leadership noticed. Because being seen and being heard is vital to gaining influence and moving towards your goals. Cathy will share her personal journey from an entry-level content writer to a nine-time Gold Quill award-winning professional communicator. Using tangible examples from her experience, she’ll take you through the steps that earned her more respect and responsibility, which empowered her to realize her own career success. Learn how to build your leadership skills, reach your career and personal goals, and make your success a reality. When you know you have the skills and ability to lead, it’s just about letting others know it too.


Cathy Bouwers is a communications professional who for over 10 years, has navigated the challenging world of communications within the not-for-profit sector. She is fueled by her ability to combine creativity and strategy to solve real business problems. Her desire to continually push her creative boundaries has led to several Gold Quill award winning projects.